What is a CERT?

CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team – is frequently used for teams that respond to computer and network security incidents. „CERT“ is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University and CERT-IS is an authorized user.

CERT-IS is a Computer Emergency Response Team formally established in 2013 and operating under the Electronic Communications Office of Iceland (ECOI). Information about CERT-IS and its services can be found in the RFC-2350 document.

CERT-IS is the national CERT of Iceland, mandated by law to act as a national point-of-contact for cyber-security related incidents. CERT-IS serves its constituency by proactively analyzing advising on threats and vulnerabilities, as well as providing assistance in handling incidents that may occur. CERT-IS contributes to the overall cyber security in Iceland by providing alerts and contributing to publicly available educational material, including the website netö

By law, the constituency of CERT-IS is registered telecommunications providers in Iceland and those operators of critical infrastructure that have contracted for the teams services. Furthermore, CERT-IS serves as the national CSIRT for the Icelandic implementation of the implementation of the NIS directive, i.e. operators of essential services and digital service providers. Additionally, CERT-IS serves the ministries of the Icelandic government under the same law. CERT-IS also serves as the national point-of-contact for cybersecurity-related incidents.


CERT-IS participates in both domestic and international cooperation with regards to computer and network security response and defence, for instance the NCC (Nordic CERT Cooperation), which consists of the national-CERTs of the Nordic countries.

CERT-IS is a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), which is an internationally recognized cooperation of incident response organizations.

CERT-IS is listed with Trusted Introducer.

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